Which ones of my details are shared?

No Details are ever public with anyone and are safely encrypted from our servers. For Vendors: The only details we share is your email address in case you decide to communicate directly with their customers. Obviously, the email is shared only to the client you decide to communicate with via our email system as they will receive an […]

How can I sell a Custom Video or Photo Set?

Doing “Customs” is what most models do, is what sells the most and we couldn’t imagine creating a portal without an easy way for you to do it. The first thing to do is to create a product called “Custom Video” or “Custom Photo Set”. Like usually you do not need to add a file […]

Who handles shipping?

Fetish Market DOES NOT handle shipping, therefore, is not responsible for it. Any wrong, missing or damaged Item will be completely up to the buyer and seller to dispute. This is why the shipping costs are not commissioned and transferred directly to the vendor. If you are a vendor please make sure the order is kept […]

How much percentage does Fetish Market keep?

Transparency is our main principle. While other portals keep up to 40%, we keep 10% commission on every transaction that goes through the website, including subscriptions and excluding the shipping costs for physical products which are commissions free for us. This means that if you have a product like a pair of used socks that […]

Why don’t you pay me on my Bank Account?

After we interviewed hundreds of models before our launch, we understood that the biggest problem for them is “privacy”. Feeling protected is the most important thing and allows them to deliver their best work without any anxiety. Our aim is for our user always to feel comfortable with what they do and this will always be […]

How do I get paid?

Fetish Market pays their vendor via Paypal and Cash App  You can set them up during your sign up or edit the addresses at any time via your “Profile” in your Vendor Dashboard (click here).

How do I sell Physical Products like Worn Items?

This section assumes you have read our “How do I upload a Pre-made Video or Picture Set?” section. “Selling a Physical product is no different than selling a digital one. It sets up in exactly the same way but with 2 small differences. The “Product and File” section. While when you sell a Digital Product you […]

How do I upload a Pre-made Video or Picture Set?

To upload your video visit your Dashboard (clicking here). The first textbox is for the Product name. Use your fantasy, make sure it describes quickly what the product is about This is what everyone will see on your page, and in the main Market page. The “File and Price” Section will allow you to pick your price […]