Which ones of my details are shared?

No Details are ever public with anyone and are safely encrypted from our servers. For Vendors: The only details we share is your email address in case you decide to communicate directly with their customers. Obviously, the email is shared only to the client you decide to communicate with via our email system as they will receive an […]

How can I sell a Custom Video or Photo Set?

Doing “Customs” is what most models do, is what sells the most and we couldn’t imagine creating a portal without an easy way for you to do it. The first thing to do is to create a product called “Custom Video” or “Custom Photo Set”. Like usually you do not need to add a file […]

Can I get details about my favourite model?

Fetish Market will not disclose any detail as we take privacy very seriously. If a model wants to tell more, she’ll so herself. Let’s respect them and enjoy them. Fetish Market has the right, as stated in our Terms of use, to terminate any account for inappropriate behavior towards other users.

Who handles shipping?

Fetish Market DOES NOT handle shipping, therefore, is not responsible for it. Any wrong, missing or damaged Item will be completely up to the buyer and seller to dispute. This is why the shipping costs are not commissioned and transferred directly to the vendor. If you are a vendor please make sure the order is kept […]

What can I sell and buy on Fetish Market?

While the portal was specifically created for Digital Goods like Pre-made or Custom Videos and Photos, you will be able to sell or buy any digital good (maybe a calendar?) you’d like as long as it meets our terms of use and it’s available. We also have given the possibility to sell and buy worn Items or other […]

What is Fetish Market?

Fetish Market is a portal for girls to sell content and items. It’s been created after seeing the needs for girls to be able to communicate with their clients only about business, avoiding hours of conversations on social media with people who will just look for freebies or waste their time.

How quick do I get paid?

As soon as the money is in our account we will do out best to transfer them to you. It will be instant if the customer paid us with the same payment method you choose. If not it might require technical times between payment methods, up to 3 to 5 business days. Obviously having both Paypal […]