This section assumes you have read our “How do I upload a Pre-made Video or Picture Set?” section.

“Selling a Physical product is no different than selling a digital one. It sets up in exactly the same way but with 2 small differences.

The “Product¬†and File” section.

While when you sell a Digital Product you will need to specify a price and a file here only a price will be enough. If you want to attach a file as a “Gift” or “Extra” for your client, they will be able to download it as soon as they pay. (i.e. you are selling a pair of socks and you have a short video of you wearing them. You can upload the video here).

The last thing to take care of is the “Shipping” Section. Fetish Market makes it really easy for you to decide about this. All you need to do is to tick “Enable Shipping” and decide a rate for Domestic and one for International shipping. There is no option for bulk shipping prices at this moment.